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  1. Gakazahn

    Album Rating: Is the only Destruction you know Thrash Anthems? Cause those were just re-recordings of old songs. "The Antichrist" is considered one of the best modern thrash releases, let alone one of Destruction's best. It's fucking evil unnorbuifeetherjack.oglagaresursaddchatgoldmassoalalnea.infoinfo Message Edited On BallsToTheWall December 12th
  2. Mausida

    Dictators of Cruelty Bullets from Hell Creations of the Underworld: 3: 3. Destruction Infernal Overkill () Destruction's debut album was way ahead of its time fro I personally classify this with Sodom's "Obsessed by Cruelty" as proto-black metal as it shares more in common with the likes of Venom that other thrash acts at this time.
  3. Nimuro

    Destruction > The Antichrist > , CD, Nuclear Blast (Limited edition, Slipcase 2- Dictators of Cruelty 3- Thrash 'til Death 4- Nailed to the Cross skulls (the big one in front as well as the others on the two slipcase spines), album title (on the spines) and songs titles on the back of slipcase are fluorescent. Catalog ID on jewel.
  4. Malagis

    Apr 04,  · Destruction - The Antichrist () Album Photo by 신길동옹. Format: CD. 8 likes. Metal Mind unnorbuifeetherjack.oglagaresursaddchatgoldmassoalalnea.infoinfoe, Remastered, Digipak, Gold disc,Limited edition. 36 Destruction Album .
  5. Gaktilar

    Dictators of cruelty Dictators of cruelty Fairytales and legends are the backbone of a land Where controversial losers can be president Nothin' like it seems on this Earth full of disgrace Build your own opinion and see their ugly face! [Repeat bridge] [Repeat chorus] [Repeat bridge] [Repeat chorus] Dictators of cruelty!
  6. Kagarn

    The first three songs (after the intro) are the immediate standout songs. Destruction pay homage to the thrash metal movement in Thrashed 'Til Death and also include a reference to Exodus's Bonded By Blood. Nailed To The Cross and Dictators of Cruelty have the best riffs in the entire album. The best part about the album is the great choruses.
  7. Mezilabar

    Download free Destruction - The Antichrist Tracklist: Days Of Confusion,Thrash 'Til Death,Nailed To The Cross,Dictators Of Cruelty,Bullets From Hell,Strangulated Pride,Meet Your Destiny,Creations Of The Underworld,Godfather Of Slander,Let Your Mind Rot,The Heretic,The Butcher Strikes Back (Live),Tears Of Bloo music album.
  8. JoJotaur

    Destruction The Antichrist Album. Chartentry: (89) CD Nuclear Blast Days Of Confusion Bullets From Hell Destruction; Dictators Of Cruelty Destruction; Nailed To The Cross Destruction; Thrash 'Til Death Destruction;.

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